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If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Regardless of your thoughts on this philosophical thought experiment, one thing is for certain – nobody heard the tree fall.

The same principal can be applied to your digital advertising – if an ad is served and cannot be seen, can it make an impression?

Times are changing, so are we. Our experiences with digital advertising have taught us one thing: viewability cannot be measured without measuring what users actually view, for how long, in what order, how they interact with the content, and their emotional reaction

Adsata optimizes viewability by providing biometric marketing solutions.


Our Technology

Biometric Webcam Eyetracking


A.I. Video Emotion Tracking


Multiple Survey Panel Integrations

Powerful Ad Server

Only 2 % of the total interaction with digital content is physical (i.e. clicks & mouse movements), whereas 98% of the users’ interaction is completely visual. – “Eye Tracking for Visual Marketing” by Fredericus Gerardus, Maria Pieters, and Michel Wedel

Adsata combines its technology to tap into the 98% of the visual interaction with a users’ screen and provides data-backed marketing insights and solutions. 

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