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Adsata at Startup Safari 2019 (2019)

Jonas Kühl

Jonas Kühl

Co-Founder/Business Developer

“On the 12. and 13 june 2019 a great number of companies, startups, and young talents met at the first ever Startup SAFARI in Halle. For the second time around in Saxony-Anhalt, the event gathered around 300 entrepreneurs, founders, students, and jobseeker to deep discussions, insightful talks, and exciting workshops. The event gave the participants a platform for networking, exchange, and knowledge share at more than 10 locations in Halle” (

We happily contributed to this wonderful event by hosting a session in our new office. We took the opportunity to introduce webcam based eyetracking and its use cases, as well as to showcase what we’ve built so far. We enjoyed some really insightful discussions on potential uses of eyetracking data which we’ll be sure to follow up on in the coming months.