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Real-time Webcam Eyetracking

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For those who care about data

Whether you're a UX designer, a web developer, a media house, or a marketing professional: make design decisions backed by data rather than gut feeling. With Adsata, it's easy enough to set up scalable and secure eyetracking studies.


Our tests have shown that 98% of the gaze points predicted by Adsata fall within 80px of what is being looked at. To put this into perspective, think of the "G" on main page, that's how accurate it is!
Adsata also detects more than 80% of all user fixations.

Data Privacy

Adsata uses edge Machine Learning methods to do all the eyetracking on the participant's browser and in real-time.
Fully GDPR compliant!


We offer a free unrestricted demo for anyone to use. However, the free demo only offers a few select features.
Want access to the full features? Contact us !

Using Adsata

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Before starting an eyetracking study with Adsata, think about some potential hypothesis for your study to better understand what is it you want to test. For example, what do users see first, or what attracts the most visual attention, or what is the "visual flow" of users.

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Collect Data

Now that you have hypotheses to test, use Adsata to create a simple webcam-based eyetracking study to measure how participants interact with your visual content. Go

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Analyse Data

Once you have collected eyetracking data from your participants, it is time to analyse the participants' visual interaction and see how your hypotheses perform. For this, Adsata provides a number of metrics and visualisations. ahead and read the Docs to better understand how to use Adsata.

Feature Highlights


Adsata offers aggregated heatmaps to draw basic insights in your eyetracking data. See what your study participants look at on average or what not at all.

Nice and clean way to understand what and where was looked at the most in a study.


Aggreated Hexbins are, in short, a simple way of grouping sets of gaze data into groups of similar values for purposes of visualisation. Why Hexagons? Well they tessellate nicely and don’t suffer from the same problems as heatmaps which don't give you corner edges to see clear differences.

Control the radius and transparency of Hexbins to scale your eyetracking insights.

Path Plots

As the name suggest, Path plots allow you to discover how the majority of participants consume the page/image content. Segmentize users to compare the activity paths as well as the content navigation flow and duration time.

Clicking on a path gives you further data on the individual paths.

Fixation Metrics

Fixation metrics can be summarized by a few main properties, including fixation locations, durations, and temporal ordering (sequence) of fixations. Adsata provides the essential analytic data of your participants through these fixation metrics. What's fascinating is that you don't need any additional cumbersome software for this.

Let the metrics decide what is being viewed, for how long, and in what order.

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