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Adsata - Webcam Eyetracking

Adsata is a real-time webcam-based eyetracking platform for understanding users' visual interaction with digital media and is under development.

The project is being developed by a team of software developers, product designers, data analysts, and marketing professionals in Halle (Saale), Germany.

What is webcam eyetracking?

Webcam Eye Tracking is detecting an individual’s gaze location using a webcam rather than a real eye tracker with infrared illuminators. It doesn’t require sophisticated equipment and the participants do not have to get to a lab. They can do it remotely behind their screens only with a webcam and good internet connection.

Our goal

Our browser-based software transforms traditional laptop webcams into fully functional eye-tracking labs for images and complete websites. This gives UX designers, online store owners, online advertisers and all other digital product designers decisive insights into the visual interaction of their users in the shortest possible time -- remote, GDPR compliant, and freely scalable. Our unique selling proposition lies not only in the user interface for data collection, but especially in the analysis of the collected eye-tracking data.

Based on this data, objective design decisions can be made that significantly improve user experience, increase conversion, or optimize shopping processes. However, eyetracking data has been traditionally labor-intensive and expensive to collect owing to the costs involved with the hardware, specialist oversight, and lab/participant management.

With adsata, we aim to make eyetracking more accessible to the general user who wants to study the visual interaction of humans with their digital content, by removing the above hurdles mentioned above previously eyetracking exclusive to labs and companies that could afford it.

Benefits of using adsata

Adsata helps users understand visual attention. With eyetracking, we can detect where users look at a point in time, how long they look at something, and the path their eyes follow.

This data helps businesses in things like:

  • finding out how best to move visitors around a webpage or an image so that they go to where they want them to go.
  • understanding key user behavior attributes.
  • discovering which calls-to-action are working best.
  • creating more conversions as a result of placing key marketing parts in the most viewed positions on a page.
  • testing key design assumptions.

... and much more.

European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE)


Adsata has recieved funding through the EFRE program in Saxony-Anhalt for the following projects:

Current projects

Project title: Webcam Eyetracking Event Classisfication System with Machine Learning (WEECS.ML)

Project timeline: 01. April 2021 - 30. April 2022

Grant Recipient: Adsata - Taimur Khan e.K.

Funding Insitutution: Investment bank of Saxony-Anhalt

Previous projects

Project Title: Adsata.Biometric

Project Timeline: April 01, 2019 - July 31, 2020

Grant Recipient: Adsata - Taimur Khan e.K.

Funding Institution: Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt