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Webcam Eyetracking Studies

Create quickly & easily online

Online and Remote.

Let participants from all over the world take part in your eye tracking study whenever they want.

Reliable Accuracy.

Our predictions for webcam eyetracking are between 110px and 150 px with 95% certainty, with the mean being is 128 px.

100% GDPR Compliant.

Our online webcam eyetracking platform offers you a 100% GDPR compliant environment.

Adsata Pricing
*50 % discount on the 'Explore' package for the first 6 months.

Specialised solutions


All the features of Explore plan, but for 50€.

** Please send us an email from your educational email address to request an account.


Enterprise | Self-Hosted

Whether you are a company, university, or an individual, we offer total control through a self-hosted option tailored to your individual needs.

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