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Add a stim

Stims are the building blocks of your eyetracking study. A stim (short for 'stimulation') is the visual your participants get to see when recording an eyetracking session.

To adjust sessions for different stims and hypotheses, you can change:

  • Stim duration.
  • Stim name.

Add a new stim

Within the study editor, click on "ADD STIM" in the center of the editor. A new, empty stim card will appear then. You can now change settings for the stim and upload a stim.

Upload a stim image

To upload a stim image you can drag 'n' drop a JPEG/JPG or PNG image. Alternatively, click somewhere on the drag 'n' drop area to open a file selector.

Every stim can only contain one image. Once uploaded, you cannot change the image. If you want to change the image, delete the current stim and add a new one with the image you want to use.